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A Symphony Session is from Access Consciousness and is Facilitated to me by Dr Dain Heer; It invites you to LIVING in a completely different way. It is not a therapy or healing session — it is an exploration of energies with the target to empower each person to know that they know and what they can choose and change. Every person has a unique capacity for receiving and gifting energies. A Symphony Session allows you to start to access what is right for you and your body, beyond what you've bought as real in this reality. It begins to create the space for the awareness that whatever reality one is currently living is not the only possible reality they can choose.

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How to receive an SOP Session

So sit by yourself for a few minutes and ask, What is it that you really wish to ask and will break any Boundaries and go to any extent and do what it takes to actualise it and I will be engaging with the universal energies for you to have it.

The process is simple,

  • The session is usually 40-45 Minutes

  • Before we start, we will connect over a call for 5-10 Minutes to align

  • Ensure that you are not disturbed or distracted at all for the entire duration

  • Disconnect the call and ideally put an alarm/timer/ stopwatch for 40 Minutes

  • Just Lie Down Comfortably on a Bed

  • For the first 10-20 Minutes you may lie on your stomach

  • After that turn over to lie down on your back, You would intuitively know when to turn over or you may even hear my Voice or a Tap on your shoulder as a sign to turn over.

  • It is okay to close the eyes or keep them open or even if you go to sleep, It’s okay.

  • You do not have to do anything to receive; Just Lie down and Let your Body Float and allow you to experience energies.

  • You may experience involuntary responses of your body or limbs, be in allowance of them.

  • Do not engage with Mobile, reading or any other activity; which will block your receiving

  • You may say to yourself “Barriers Down, I am Willing to receive"

  • You may continue lying down some more time and delve in the SOP Energies and get up if you wish to or may choose to go to sleep


Book your Symphony of Possibilities session with me; Call or Send WhatsApp at 9811175380


Exploring More possibilities is a Choice, What’s Yours?

Geet Batra

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Vanita Pande, Dubai, UAE

When u feel its end of the road in the dark, u get to find the light at the end of the tunnel to keep going. I found that light in SOP with geet. I was amongst the very first people who got SOP from geet. In just one session of 45 minutes, I felt things getting clearer and achieved a sense of calm. My barriers disappeared magically, and I the things happened magically. I would want to have more SOPs soon.Thank u

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Yamini, Edinburgh UK

I have had two SOP sessions with Geet Bates in the last month and a half, and I must say, his energies have been absolutely brilliant! On both accounts,my blocks were cleared immediately. Opportunities sprang up where I thought the roads ended. The change was instant. This is a powerful session and I would encourage anyone looking for clarity to reach out to Geet for it :) Love and light as always, Geet!

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Chandrika, Bangalore

My first SOP session with Geeth Batra. A friend of mine sent his invitation/ offer. I was looking for any modality of healing which would help me get out of my depression and negative thoughts. As I was familiar with Access and had done few courses and run my bars few times I was comfortable choosing SOP . I was looking for becoming myself as I was feeling I have got lost. Geeth was absolutely friendly, meant his work and started session though online.. on time. Immediately after session, I was okay. But next few days I really started to feel very good , energetic, optimistic about everything. Kind of All blocks were removed and I was becoming myself. Also Geeth used to check on me once in a while through messages. Suggested few things to make me better and was inclined to help resolve the issue. Geeth is a wonderful healer and I thank him and access heart fully. Thank you, regards. Chandrika k . Bangalore.

Why take a Symphony of Possibilities Session?

You may take it for anything you are willing to Receive in your Life

  • Ease with Body

  • Ease with Life

  • Creating Joy

  • Receiving Money

  • Asking for Opportunities
    Fear of Corona

  • Fear of Death

  • Success at Interviews or Meetings

  • Forgetting someone

  • Repairing Relationships

  • Release Past Trauma

  • And Much More