Book Excerpts: How to Become Money Workbook

What if in simple words something is explained to you; reaching the deepest level of your consciousness.

What if whatever you Believe comes True, Law of Attraction, The power of Manifestation, Visualisation, Affirmation, Positive psychology, Sub Conscious mind etc.

Just About 110 pages in this Book with exercises to follow up with facilitation Transcript and you would shift your money reality.

It is a Known phenomenon that anybody who read or attended calls of this Money Workbook had a massive shift in their Money reality.

It is about Deserving Money, Having money, Enjoying Money, Keeping money and Being Money.

And works on Need, Desire, Frustration, Hatred, Disappointment, Envy, Anger and Fear equally well and much more.

And how many more calculations, projections and planning you need to have to be of worthy of Money?

What if, each time you end up creating more Debt in Credit Cards, Loans and expenses and only regrets?

What if, you are unconsciously Blocking your receiving?

What if you are just not choosing to receive?

What if you can just ask your Money to grow with you?

What if you already are worthy and deserve a Lot more?

And lots of conversations; Mindset and Energy clearings around breaking all your barriers in receiving Money.