This book is not about Divorce, But how you disconnect from yourself in trying to fit into a relationship.

Its not about how wrong you were, But what was right about this, That you were not getting?

One book that I recommend to all those who wish to work on their existing relationships or starting one in Future.

How much of a relationship is spent trying to accommodate the others need while losing yourself in the process?

How many of us judge a relationship by what has been given up or what has been received?

What if a relationship was possible from a place of nurturing, expansiveness and no judgment?

Where each person involved has the gift of being themselves and the choice to share that with another?

Amazing, life-changing for anyone who wants to live a more conscious, joyful, easy life. And it's not just about relationship with your husband/wife, its about relationships in general, and what's most amazing - about relationships which we create (or not) with ourselves. --Anna