About Access bars?

Q - What is Access Bars?

A - Access Bars is a Methodology that Works and It worked for millions of people across the world.

Gary Douglas the Founder of Access Consciousness brought Access bars to this world and it never ever had existed before.

He came to know that there are 32 Points on our Head and this is where the Energy in the form of emotions, thoughts, feelings from our past experiences are stored.
Each of these points is called Bars and they all correspond to a particular attribute of Human Experience.

Touching these points release that energy, which only creates limitations that we are carrying and the barriers that we have created. Running the bars open up an individual for receiving more and giving it out to the world.

Q - What happens when the Bars are run?

A - There is no Fix answer to that, Different people report different experiences. In all, they all tend to be more aware and able to take faster Decisions; It is quite much like their Mind like a computer system got rebooted, is now devoid of Cache, Temporary Files, and Viruses.

Mind and Body if Seamlessly Integrated can create wonders and receiving Access Bars session have made people Healthier, Happier, and Peaceful. We do not make any Commitments on healing; Because it is you who decide how to use your awareness and the degree of results you are willing to experience and receive.


Q - How is the Experience when you get your Bars run?

A - Most people feel a Sense of Calmness and a Relaxed mind; Some feel Joy, Happiness, and feel very Light after the session. There is no one effect common for all.

Someone said, After bars, I feel the same as I felt after a one month of Meditation regime.

However one kid said, I feel like I am walking on Air. Further, he said After  COVID Lockdown; and my hair had grown really long and I finally got a Hair Cut. The relief I felt after getting hair short-cropped is quite the same what I feel after getting an Access Bars Session.

Now, How does it get any better than this?


Q - Who can give Bars?

A - Anyone who has learned Bars from a certified Facilitator and attended a Full day Access Bars Workshop and is recognized by Access Consciousness as a Bars Practitioner.

Q - How long does the Process Take?

A - Usually it takes a minimum of 45 Mins to a Maximum of 90 Mins. For kids, it may take from 15 Mins to 25 Mins to run their Bars.


Q - How can one learn Bars?

A - You can Learn bars from an Access Certified Bars Facilitator by attending one of the 1 Full Day or 2 Half Days Workshops.

Q - How has bar got to do with Giving and receiving Abundance?

A - A lot of times we have Blocked to exclude Situations, Experiences, People from our lives in various ways; repeat patterns over years have made invisible walls around us to protect ourselves from harm or stimuli that we have associated with emotional pain or Mental Trauma. When you learn Bars you become more aware of what we require to do instead of blocking all that is coming from others around you. Bars Session reopens our ability to give and receive without any blocks, The door to Abundance Opens and we start sharing it as well.

Q - Man is a Social Animal and we all were born quite much the same; How did we end up not being the same? Would you Wonder?

A - It's not the experience or circumstances, But its what we allowed to choose as their impact on us.

Q - What else is there other than touching the Bars?

A - Access Bars is not just about Bars, It is an Introduction to a whole new world, a Way of Life and Pragmatic Tools and Processes to live a life with Ease, Joy, and Glory.

We did not come with an Instruction manual to life, Neither had any tools to wade our way to Life, And Access Bars could be one that you may want to have.

Q - How can I give bars to others?

A - To give bars to others, you need to attend a 1-day Access Bars Practitioner Certification workshop from an Approved Bars Facilitator. In this workshop, you will learn how to give Bars and get your certification as a Practitioner.
You will be able to start your Practice and give Bars Sessions to the client and even choose to learn Body processes further for advanced healing Methodologies as well.

Q - Can I give a bar session to myself?

A - Yes, However getting a session from someone else may give results that may be Manifold Powerful.

Q - What if I do not wish to Practice Bars or be a Practitioner? How will it help me?

A - You may choose to get sessions from a Practitioner; However when you learn it you will get access to tens of other classes of Access Consciousness, which will provide you tools to use to empower yourself as well as hundreds of others you come across.
And you can get Access bars session in barter from a fellow Bars Practioner for giving them a bars session; Unless you like to pay people for their services more.


Q - Is Access Consciousness is only about Access Bars?

A - Access bars is just the entry gate to a new world for you.
You may further explore, X-Men, Talking to Entities, Body processes like Facelift and Vision Correction, Empowering relationships, Talking to Animals, Right Voice for you, Right Body for you, Business Done Differently (Joy of Business 2.0), How to Become Money, and much much much more.
Connect with an Access Bars Facilitator for more.

Now, How does it get even better than that!