How to Become Money




3.5 Weeks

About the Course

The Magic of this Course can not be Explained just in Words.

Watch this Video on YouTube to hear what these 20+ participants had to say about the Last call Series and What they got out of it.
This Video may titillate, empower, enchant or even hypnotise (if that's what's required) for you to BE YOU.

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Now Isn't this Magic?

That you attend a workshop for money and you get mended relationships, ease with body, Loose weight, receive Gifts other than creating money too.

What if, There are layers and layers of Masks, Judgments and filth imposed on us that we are not even aware of???

Some may give up all layers at once or other may give many of none.

Today was the last call of the 10 call series based on "How to become Money" workbook by Gary M. Douglas.

After the call we decided to share our learnings, Fiats and Magic we created and how we opened up to receiving more from universe and from everyone around.

Anyone can do this, Anyone can have more Money, Anyone can choose prosperity.

But would you choose being free or being Right?

Or have you given up already? Waiting for something outside of you to change your financial Reality?

What if, the Key is inside you?

What relationship are you Holding with Money?
A Neighbour? A Stranger? A Colleague? A Parent? A Child? A Boss? or a Lover?
What if it can only get better?

Inviting you to a 10 call Series based on "How to Become Money" Workbook
Message me now to Change your Money reality and register now.

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Your Instructor

Geet Batra

Geet Batra

About Me- Hello I am Geet Batra, My role is like a Gardner because I like to nurture people to Bloom to the greatness they are, that the world is yet to see

I am an Access Bars Facilitator, Access Symphony of Possibilities (Distant or In-Person Sessions) Practitioner, Access TTTE Practitioner, Access Vision Correction, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner & other Body Process Practitioner, I also work with chosen few Individuals in various capacities as a Certified Life coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach.

I facilitate workshops across India in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Raipur and Indore. I empower to illuminate the possibilities in the lives of my participant and Handhold them as long as they practice Access methodology.

For you to attend any of my classes or sessions is not the End Goal, But to standby for your journey to consciousness and for you to expand beyond who you were yesterday.

You are welcome to connect with me to be aware of what you know/ think/ feel and resist that you are not!

I have facilitated more than 150 Workshops (Online+Offline) in the last 20 Months with a wide spectrum of Professionals, Individuals and even Kids through my Workshops and stand by them even after they have completed the workshop.

Inviting you to a World of Possibilities, feel free to connect with me for more.

Awareness is a Choice, What's yours?