Givation Updated - 11 Call Series




4 Weeks

About the Course

This Course is for anyone who is running their business on their own, as Solopreneur or With less or NO employees

It's not about Tips and Tricks
It is about what answers were hidden inside you, which never came out and How you can do What you do with your Signature style and get results.

And all the barriers and Limitations that you were not aware of which had stopped you for a Long time.

Whatever Work, Job, Business, Vocation, Profession, Practice that you do, You may use the Awareness from this call series into Your Life.

Who is this Call for?

Anyone who is alive and want to experience it Fully

And If you aspire for your Life to scale up and despite doing several things, it is not yielding as much in these areas

Do you wish to have
- Life Purpose
- More Clarity
- More Money
- More Love
- More Fun
- More Contentment
- More Clients
- More Profits
- More Efficiency
- More Revenue

Then this Call series is for you!

In Nutshell the Focus will be on
- What Profession, Practice or Business are you really in or unaware of what it can be about
- Who you really are and what has it got to do with your work Life
- What is your Abundance
- What is it that works for many others and you are unaware of
- Your Life is your style, Where are you adopting some Nice to have which is not yours
- A Very powerful exercise to Ground, Center and connect to your awareness
- How Money matters are not Money
- Horses, Sheeps and Some Blah Blah that you may be worried about
- Meet your Biggest Fan whose expectations you are dying to meet
- How you can explore and expand

Answer the Following

How do you tell people about your business so that they are interested to buy?
What is Unique about you and your services?
Are you aware of one thing or more that you have in Abundance?
What makes you decide on your pricing?
If you follow the market price, How is it helping you?
What makes your promotion post stand out? or are you just giving Date, Time, venue and fees?
Who or What works behind the scenes when you are busy or sleeping?
What’s the Hidden need of people around you, that you can fulfil with total ease?
Are you aware of how your market is growing and which pricing strategy will have you more share of it?
Why do some people have more Prospects approaching them and some none?
What is it that you could do, But Wouldn’t have on your own?
If you were to have your blinkers off; what Diversity & inclusion are you not aware of?
How do you show up? And how you don’t? What can that awareness give you?
If there is Abundance out there, What is Blocking yours?
What resources you have in Plenty and what are you doing to complement the scarce ones?
Not Internet or Tech savvy? What else can you do?
Do you have a Fan Following? What contribution is in place mutually?
Who are your Horses, or are you running against People on Horses?
How do you leverage effort? How does it get any better than that?
What will you do in the next 20 days that will give you 20% to 400% boost in your business? In case you don’t have an answer, I do!

Your Instructor

Geet Batra

Geet Batra

About Me- Hello I am Geet Batra, My role is like a Gardner because I like to nurture people to Bloom to the greatness they are, that the world is yet to see

I am an Access Bars Facilitator, Access Symphony of Possibilities (Distant or In-Person Sessions) Practitioner, Access TTTE Practitioner, Access Vision Correction, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner & other Body Process Practitioner, I also work with chosen few Individuals in various capacities as a Certified Life coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach.

I facilitate workshops across India in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Raipur and Indore. I empower to illuminate the possibilities in the lives of my participant and Handhold them as long as they practice Access methodology.

For you to attend any of my classes or sessions is not the End Goal, But to standby for your journey to consciousness and for you to expand beyond who you were yesterday.

You are welcome to connect with me to be aware of what you know/ think/ feel and resist that you are not!

I have facilitated more than 150 Workshops (Online+Offline) in the last 20 Months with a wide spectrum of Professionals, Individuals and even Kids through my Workshops and stand by them even after they have completed the workshop.

Inviting you to a World of Possibilities, feel free to connect with me for more.

Awareness is a Choice, What's yours?