Courses Workshops & Certifications by Geet Batra

How to Become Money Workbook

Invite Money


3 Weeks

The Magic of this Course can not be Explained just in Words.
Watch this Video on Youtube for More -

10 calls of about 75 Minutes spread over 3 Weeks with Facilitation, Reading and Assignments to do between the calls.

Healing, Awareness & Consciousness

Access Bars


1 Day

This is a Core Workshop of Access Consciousness, And it has Transformed lives of Millions of people Across the world in many Countries.

This workshop is the Gateway to a New World, a New Reality of Infinite & Magical Possibilities

Money Series

Givation Updated - 11 Call Series


4 Weeks

Not Everyone is from a Business Family or have educational degree or have worked in different corporate Function and Roles.
This is for anyone who is new to the Business World or is struggling with despite best efforts.

Expansion of Awareness

Access Foundation


4 Days

Only when you have experienced transformation from Access Bars Workshop; You are eligible to attend this 4 Days Intense Workshop to bring more Magic in your Life.
More than 30 Topics from your Life Mystery resolved