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At Magicpossibilities my primary commitment is to Empower people to wake up to their Hidden Powers.

Other than being an Access Bars Facilitator my other Credentials & Certifications are

  • Access Bars Facilitator

  • Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator

  • A Life Coach certified as ACC from ICF

  • Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach.

  • And many more like NLP, TTTE Practitioner, Shamanic Practitoner, Vipassana, Hypnotherapy and Angel Healing and more

Before I began my Magical Journey in conducting Access Bars Workshops and being a Coach, I decided to hang my Corporate Boots with my last assignment as Asst. Vice President – Human Resources, responsible for Hiring 2000 White Collar professionals every year with a large team spread across India for my Employers.


I had worked with top companies such as JLL India, Cairn Energy, NIIT Ltd at the top level in the Human Resources and with other companies in Sales, Education, and Advertisement verticals.


I delved through Multiple Methodologies and concluded that most of them do not give you the flexibility to exercise your free will and they only push you to follow rules, guidelines, principles, routines, and discipline and thereby leading you to be surrounded by Do’s and Dont’s, Judgements and a nagging feeling of being not good enough and of Self-Righteousness.


I found the best modality by Specializing in Access Consciousness, I conduct Access Bars Sessions, Energetic Facelift without surgery, Vision correction and other Access Body Process Sessions, which will truly unlock the magic possibilities for you

Access Bars will set you free from a fixed way of Being to explore innumerable possibilities at your pace and your own prudence to explore never-ending Magic.


Join me in the mission to spread awareness by being aware of what you know, despite the boundaries and limitations that you may have chosen in your reality.


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